AWS Redshift cost by family – Granular visibility into your Redshift resources

Cloud visibility is important for organizations as reducing cost is their main agenda. Organizations require a cloud management solution to monitor, diagnose and notify...

Data Transfer Costs; Everything You Need To Know

In the cloud-dominated world of AWS, a vast array of cloud services and pricing models are available to choose from. Though AWS lets you...
AWS RDS Reserved Instance (RI) Purchase Status - Cost Optimization

Why AWS RDS reserved instance (RI) purchase status needs to be checked

Reserved instances are not actually physical instances, but a discount applied to the bill incurred from on-demand instances. AWS RDS reserved instance is one...

Ways to Optimize AWS Cost

It’s a known fact that moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS) can provide huge benefits in terms of agility, responsiveness, simplified operations, and improved...

Introducing Anomaly Detection in Centilytics

When you have an infrastructure running in the cloud and a business that needs more of your financial attention, it is quite common to...

Cloud Governance – A Key Factor in Cloud Adoption

What is Cloud Governance? At the most abstract level, cloud governance ensures that whatever actions and business policies we are taking control over, it is...

Amazon Route53 service limit on health checks

Every AWS service has specific limits on how many resources a user can launch in a specific region. The limit of these services is...

Do not configure large number of security group rules in your AWS EC2 instances

IT professionals face a new set of challenges for performance and resource management on a regular basis. Cloud infrastructures are based on sharing highly...

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