Data Transfer Costs; Everything You Need To Know

In the cloud-dominated world of AWS, a vast array of cloud services and pricing models are available to choose from. Though AWS lets you...

AWS Lambda cost by function – Keep tabs on your ever-increasing cloud cost

Cost visibility is the topmost priority of all the organizations using cloud resources. Minimizing the cost remains the primary goal for all the organizations....
AWS RDS Reserved Instance (RI) Purchase Status - Cost Optimization

Why AWS RDS reserved instance (RI) purchase status needs to be checked

Reserved instances are not actually physical instances, but a discount applied to the bill incurred from on-demand instances. AWS RDS reserved instance is one...

How upgrading AWS EC2 instance generation helps optimize your cloud

Organizations use multiple instances of services such as Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), RDS on day to day basis to support their daily operations. Users...
Cloud Cost Management

Automated Reporting Solution for Your Cloud Infrastructure Can you track, what is causing your AWS cloud bills to skyrocket? For proper monitoring and optimization, effective reporting is necessary to consume data...

Tag-Based Reports; Your Cloud Expenses Demystified

The mere thought of tangled, high-expense cloud bills gives us goosebumps, especially when you don’t have the right arsenal to drill into your expensive...

Enable AWS Route53 domain transfer lock to secure your cloud

AWS Route53 plays an important role in determining the security of your cloud infrastructure. This service is responsible for routing internet traffic to your...
AWS S3 Bucket Versioning - Fault Tolerance

Enable AWS S3 Bucket Versioning for improved fault tolerance

A cloud infrastructure should be fault tolerant i.e. it should continue to function and provide services even if a fault or failure has occurred...

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