Amazon Route53 service limit on health checks


Every AWS service has specific limits on how many resources a user can launch in a specific region. The limit of these services is defined by AWS to provide high availability to the resources being used by the user. While availing the services of Amazon Route53, it is necessary for you to be aware of the service limit on the number of health checks you can create to avoid any capacity planning issues.

Monitor your Amazon Route53 health check limit

Route53 performs necessary operations such as domain registration, DNS traffic routing and performing health checks on your resources. Each health check that you create can monitor either the health of a specified resource, such as a web server. To check the status of the created health checks, you can log in to your AWS console.

AWS sets a service limit of 200 health checks per account in a region. It is necessary for you to keep tabs on the service limit of health checks. This helps in better resource planning and cloud infrastructure management.

How does Centilytics assist you?

Centilytics has a dedicated insight on the Amazon Route53 health check limit. Whenever the user is about to breach the limit, a warning will be given which will allow them to be notified of their current usage and accordingly take appropriate steps.

Insight descriptions:

Severity Description
CRITICAL This indication will pop up when the user has breached 100% of the specified limit of the corresponding resource.
WARNING This indication will pop up when the user has breached 80% of the specified limit of the corresponding resource.
OK This indication will pop up when the user has breached less than 80% of the specified limit of the corresponding resource.


Description of further columns are as follows:

  1. Account Id: This column shows the respective account ID of the user’s account.AWS Route53 1
  2. Account Name: This column shows the corresponding account name to the user’s account.AWS Route53 7
  3. Limit Amount: This column shows the limit of the resource which is available. Here, the limit refers to the no. of health checks.AWS Route53 4
  4. Current usage: This column shows the current usage level of the corresponding resource.AWS Route53 5
  5. Service: This column display the types of service being used.AWS Route53 6

Filters applicable:

Filter Name Description
Account Id Applying the account Id filter will display all the resources for the selected account Id.
Severity Applying severity filter will display the resources according to the selected severity type i.e. selecting critical will display all resources with critical severity. Same will be the case for Warning and OK severity types.


Read More about the limits on health checks here.


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